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We're always excited to meet new people in local businesses!

What Else We Can Offer

Essex Spirits Company has the benefit of over 20 years of hospitality experience from cocktail bars, training and restaurant operations to selling to the on-trade. Here is a short list of the kinds of additional services we are happy to discuss in more detail...

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Event Bottling

Weddings, special events & large parties – we are happy to explore exclusive bottling's for special events & can even look at bespoke label design to mark the special day.

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Menu design, team training, management  & marketing. With over 2 decades of experience we can cover every facet of hospitality operations. Simply reach out with any problem and we will see what we can do. (this is a service we happily offer to bars, restaurants & pubs that stock our products where possible!)

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Bulk Orders

Have a large event coming up?

With enough notice we can look at supplying products en masse and at a pre-agreed budget to help take away from the stress of organising.

The Process

New Customer

Place your first order with us and receive your spirits in our durably labelled Essex Spirits Co. bottles ready for your back bar, speed rail or liquor store shelf.

From Now On

From here when placing an order, your spirit will come in our refillable pouches for you to fill your bottles.

Remember to keep your pouches because we'll pick up the empties on your next delivery.

Doing Our Bit

Recycling in this way means we can work together to reduce our collective carbon footprint, but don't worry we know mistakes happen if you need new bottles just let us know on your next order!

Get In Touch

Let us know your thoughts, questions, suggestions, just that we're doing a good job or how we could improve...



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