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seasonal apple & spiced honey gin


Fruit Gins are ‘in’ at the moment, head to any supermarket and you’ll see a plethora of exotic, sweet & brightly coloured ‘gins’ (well, gin liqueurs… but we won’t get into that here).

Given that we are about drinking quality, drinking sustainably & drinking locally we knew this just wasn’t the way to go if we wanted to release a fruit gin.

As such, we decided that any ‘fruit’ releases would only be made using fresh, local & seasonal fruits which cuts down on mileage the fruit has travelled and feeding back into our local community. This means two things, firstly each seasonal release will be completely natural and depend on the seasons fruit for flavour & colour. Secondly, when we’ve finished production and the fruit is out of season it’s GONE!

So, what’s in the bottle?

The liquid is filtered and bottled resulting in a beautiful mix of sweet honey notes & subtle crisp apple with the kick of real gin botanicals. Add a touch of any mixer to open up the flavours!

These bottles are labelled with the year of production and an individual bottle number, if there is a particular number you would like to request simply drop us an email to check for availability.

**Please be aware** - Seasonal Apple & Spiced Honey is a completely natural product with absolutely no refined sugars or flavourings added. As such there may be some settling of sediment in the bottle. This is nothing to worry about, simply shake the bottle to re-mix contents. Colour may also change over extended periods of time.

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